The Baby With a New Face

Format: 1 x 60'

Channel: CHANNEL 5

We follow the extraordinary story of Viet, a two-year-old Vietnamese baby with extremely rare facial disfigurements, in his quest for a new face.

Baby Viet, from Vietnam, was born with one of the rarest forms of facial disfigurement – a bilateral facial cleft and cleft palate, leaving him unable to eat or speak properly.

With the help of charity Facing The World, we follow Viet and his Mum, Nho, as they come to London, for treatment by some of the world’s top cranio-facial surgeons. Through his many procedures – including a gruelling 8-hour operation – we see Viet’s features transformed from clefts and chaos into a brand new face.

The Baby With A New Face is a Channel 5 Extraordinary People documentary, made with the support of charity Facing The World. With thanks to Medical Illustrations (UK) Ltd for photographs of Viet.


The Sun: “This brilliant documentary follows the little boy with an incredibly infectious giggle as he travels to London for an intricate eight-hour op… Heart-wrenching viewing from beginning to end.”

Daily Telegraph (What To Watch): “…heart-warming and eye-opening”

The Guardian (Pick Of The Day): “…you’d be stony-hearted indeed not to watch this on the edge of tears throughout.”

Radio Times (Critics’ Choice, Pick Of The Week): “…the surgery, shown in great detail, is truly remarkable. You’ll be lost in admiration.”

Sunday Mirror (Best On The Box); Daily Mail Weekend (Pick Of The Day)