Format: 1 x 60'

Channel: CHANNEL 4

In 1967, homosexual acts were decriminalised in England and Wales. This observational documentary follows the lives and loves of three men who came of age when gay sex was still a crime.

The documentary, to mark the 40th anniversary of homosexual decriminilization as part of a Channel 4 season of programming, was critics’ choice and pick of the week across the board including in The Observer, The Financial Times, The Mirror and The Telegraph. With over a million viewers, the documentary had a 52% share of the 16-34 demographic – the highest ever in the 11pm slot on Channel 4.


The Observer: “Queer As Old Folk focuses on three gay men who came of age when homosexuality was still illegal in the UK. Alan, now 73, never tried to hide his sexual preferences. His mother said it was fine for him to be gay, provided they didn’t kiss on the lips. 58-year-old Clive on the other hand got married to subdue his gay urges. He still lives with his wife and teenage son, but cheerfully cruises saunas. And then there is Roger who was also married – for 30 years – until he met 18-year-old Ian. They’ve been together now for six years and he now manages Ian’s career as a male stripper. People lead such busy, active lives.”

The Telegraph:“a touching and honest film that adds another important chapter to the story of gay Britain”

The Sunday Times: “When love was a four-letter word. This frank documentary explores the present-day lives and relationships of gay men who came of age when homosexuality was still illegal before 1967 – and are now growing old disgracefully.”

The Guardian: “Channel Four’s commendable season continues with this film, reflecting on the experiences of gay men who lived through decriminalisation.”

Financial Times: “a funny, touching programme”

Daily Express: “a fascinating documentary”

The Mirror: “a fresh angle to mark the 40th anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality”

Broadcast magazine: “a provocative documentary”