Format: 1 x 60'

Channel: CHANNEL 4

First Transmission: 7:30pm, 8 January 2010

In this very personal documentary, Amy Winehouse's Dad Mitch delivers an insight into the consequences of his daughter's fame, and the issues faced by an ordinary family dealing with tabloid scrutiny and the problems associated with addiction.


Mitch is pivotal in Amy’s life and career and ultimately her rehabilitation. The pride he’s felt seeing his daughter becoming a global, Grammy award-winning star has been crushed by her descent into drugs and her destructive marriage. Amy’s situation consumes him and the family – every minute of the day.


Right now it’s a crucial time for Amy and her family as she tries to rebuild her life and prove to her loved ones, her record company and her fans that music – not drugs, not Blake and not Camden – is her priority for 2010.


The film also explores some of the paradoxes Mitch is facing. As his daughter’s health improves, he finds Amy is relying on him less and less, something he misses. And then there’s his own burgeoning media career. Will it deliver the contentment he desperately seeks?