Format: 1 x 60'

Channel: ITV1

In this personal documentary, Leslie Ash, one of Britain's best-known comedy actresses examines the cosmetic beauty industry, after her much-publicised treatment went badly wrong.

Leslie Ash has always been a tabloid sweetheart, the ultimate girl next door and everyone’s favourite comedy actress. What she wanted was a simple cosmetic lip-filler, what she got, well, we all know how it ended, the results were disastrous and Leslie was branded “trout pout” and “fish face” by the press.

Now, for the first time, Leslie talks about her experience and investigates what went wrong with her face, why it was allowed to happen and discovers if there’s anything that can be done to fix it.

In Leslie Ash: Face to Face, Leslie examines the rapidly growing cosmetic beauty industry and highlights a lack of regulation which she believes should serve as a warning to anyone considering treatment.

Leslie tells the programme: “I’ve been called names and I’ve been dragged through the British press. Since I had ‘that’ lip job I’ve been held up as the poster girl for all that’s wrong with the cosmetic beauty industry – and there’s lots wrong with it. I think if I could do something about it, then I’d like to.”

Leslie Ash: Face to Face is produced and directed by Ceri Aston. The executive producers areRichard Hughes and Jazz Thwaite for TTV and Mike Lewis.

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