Format: 1 x 60'

Channel: Yesterday

An hour-long celebration of the life and times of one of the sixties' most glamorous professions: the air stewardess.

Featuring interviews with a dozen former stewardesses, this definitive social history documentary takes a peek behind the First Class curtain at the 1960s world of style, glamour, danger and novelty.

We feature contributions from author and former RAF pilot Frederick Forsyth, and also fashion designer Sylvia Ayton MBE, who began her career designing a uniform for stewardesses at the dawn of the Jet Age.

I Was A Jet Set Stewardess was produced for the ‘Spirit Of The Sixties’ season for UKTV Yesterday.


Daily Mail: ★★★★ “A stupendously entertaining portrait of an exciting time” … “This beguiling documentary is full of wonderful first-hand stories from the golden age of jet flight, when the life of an air stewardess was a heady and glamorous affair.”

Radio Times: “When they’re as well made as this one, these refreshingly straightforward social history docs – find out about a subject by asking a load of ordinary people who were there – are a good option if you want something undemanding and nostalgic without being pap.”

The Times: “An interesting piece of social history”

Daily Telegraph: “The Sixties were said to offer a “golden age” of flying, and this entertaining documentary shows why.”