Format: 1 x 60

Channel: CHANNEL 5

17-year-old Erick John Rwabirire has something so rare its baffling doctor’s. They need time to carry out tests but time is the one thing Erick doesn’t have.
Because for this medical refugee, not having this surgery tragically means certain death within months. His only chance for survival is a 24-hour emergency operation, but this is a case of kill or cure as the surgery is fraught with danger and he only has a 50 % chance of surviving it.
In this documentary we follow as surgeons perform revolutionary surgery to build Erick a new face over 24 hours. His fight for a new life unfolds over the hour, minute by minute we are thrown headlong into highs and lows of the complex surgery and the emotional toll it takes on all involved.

Since this documentary was filmed Erick’s tumour has started to recur and he will need further medical treatment. Erick’s carers in Uganda have set up a Just Giving page to help fund he’s ongoing care.