Botched Up Bodies

Series 1

Format: 2 x 60'

Channel: Channel 5

Botched Up Bodies begins with two hour-long episodes on Channel 5.

In Episode 1, our team of surgeons correct problems with filler, breasts, excess skin and a designer vagina gone wrong. Episode 2 features even more extraordinary cases, including Machel who visits the TDC Implant Centre on Harley Street where top dentists discover his wobbly dental implants need to be completely replaced.

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Series 2

Format: 6 x 60 minutes

Channel: Channel 5

Our acclaimed Channel 5 cosmetic surgery series returns for a brand new Series 2. We follow a top team of surgeons as they correct botched cosmetic procedures - and give patients the boobs, bums, teeth and tums they'd always wanted.

SERIES 2 (2013)

Broadcast on Channel 5: 9pm, Monday 22 July / 29 July / 5 August 2013

In Episode 1, surgeon Patrick Mallucci sets to work on removing Stephen’s huge pendulous sack of skin, left hanging following a gastric bypass. Meanwhile, Kim’s lumpy and leaking PIP implants are seen to by our expert surgical team, and Darren’s trip to Thailand for dental work ended in disaster… can our expert dental team Anthony and Michael Zybutz restore his mangled mouth?

Our surgical team have their work cut out in Episode 2. Sherri’s botched labiaplasty is operated on by John Telfer, while surgeon Niall Kirkpatrick takes a look at Mozafar’s nasty nose job. And can Patrick Mallucci fix Paula’s rippling boobs?

In Episode 3, we see more cosmetic surgery disasters being fixed by our leading experts. Rachel’s mysterious breast implants are investigated by surgeon Nick Percival. Also featured is Rajee who had bathroom sealant and glue injected into her face by a backstreet beauty therapist – and Rita, whose nose job ended in disaster.

SERIES 2 (2014)

Broadcast on Channel 5: 10pm, Thursday 9 / 16 / 23 January 2014

Botched Up Bodies is back with brand new episodes for 2014, but can our surgeons put right the surgery disasters? Episode 4 features Marie, the woman left deflated by gastric surgery, Shenise and the botched eye op that ended in disaster, and Apryl’s buttock injections that ended in amputation. For more information on Apryl go to her website

In Episode 5, we feature a botched penis op that left a man with an erection for 8 months, the filler that left a woman with permanently disfigured lip and the man who was left toothless and terrified of the dentist chair after botched dental work.

We see in Episode 6 the results of a cut price boob job that nearly cost Claire her life, Michael’s £7k hair transplant that left him not only with horrific scars, but still bald, and Jennifer, who went in for surgery to correct her hearing and ended up with a wobbly, wonky nose that flapped in the wind. What can our surgeons do to help?

Series 3 Special: Botched Up Abroad

Format: 1 x 60 minutes

Channel: Channel 5

Botched Up Bodies returns to Channel 5 for a special documentary - Botched Up Abroad - looking at the trend of cosmetic tourism.

Thousands of Britons go abroad every year for nips and tucks, but do they always get the results they bargained for?

We follow the stories of people whose sun, sea and surgery excursions turned into a nightmare. Now back home, what can our top team of surgeons do to correct the mistakes?

32-year-old actress Barbara didn’t get the results she wanted when she ended up with a mangled mouth in Prague. Consultant craniofacial surgeon Niall Kirkpatrick is tasked with repairing the damage.

A fear of the dentist and a love of fizzy drinks combined to give 53-year-old fire fighter Steven a mouth of fillings, caps and false teeth. Unable to afford the sky-high prices in the UK, Steven found a surgery in Budapest which offered cheap implants, free accommodation and a package that seemed to surpass what was on offer in the UK… but he was left with a mangled mouth. Can cosmetic dental surgeon Adam Slade repair the damage and restore Steven’s smile?

Breast augmentation is the most popular surgery for women in the UK. But with the average price of going under the knife here coming in at £5,000, it’s out of reach for many women. More and more are turning to cheaper options abroad, like 30-year-old call centre worker Nicole.

Following her operation in Turkey, Nicole was left with a massive infection that resulted in her new implants having to be removed by the NHS. She was left with lopsided sagging boobs. Consultant reconstructive surgeon Patrick Mallucci has the job of repairing the damage and giving Nicola the bust she wants.

Series 3 Special: Botched Up Brides

Format: 1 x 60 minutes

Channel: Channel 5

Every bride wants to look good on their big day and an increasing number are prepared to have a nip and tuck to ensure they do... but what happens when disaster strikes? In this special Botched Up Bodies documentary, we find out.

For 45-year-old Dawn, choosing to have a second breast reduction close to her wedding day was a decision she would live to regret. In the hope of getting her married life back on track, and to find out if anything can be done to repair the damage so she can finally book her honeymoon, Dawn visits plastic surgeon Patrick Mallucci.

47-year-old Deborah decided to have her lips plumped for her wedding. But the filler that was injected caused a horrific reaction, leaving her with hideously swollen and pus-filled lips for her wedding day. Craniofacial surgeon Niall Kirkpatrick is tasked with repairing the damage.

By far the most common goal on a pre-wedding beauty wish list is to lose weight. A staggering 96% of women aim to shed pounds, with the average weight loss for a UK bride being 11 pounds and 3 ounces.

38-year-old Rachel had a gastric bypass to help slim down in time for her wedding to fiancé Michael. But following the operation her skin split open, resulting in a deep hole in her stomach, oozing with infection. Can surgeon Peter Arnstein repair the damage in time for her to walk down the aisle?

Series 4

Format: 4 x 60 minutes

Channel: Channel 5

It's been a busy few months for our top team of surgeons. We watch them as they correct more botched cosmetic procedures - and give patients the boobs, bums, teeth and tums they'd always wanted.

Nipple necrosis, tummy tuck terror and a denture disaster all feature in Episode 1 of this new series. Nicki’s trip to the dentist for a single tooth extraction turned into a nightmare, when she lost all her upper teeth. Can our dentists make her smile again? And after a breast augmentation, Laura’s flesh began to die – what can surgeon Paul Harris do to restore her scar-ridden chest?

In Episode 2, we see migrating facial filler and flipping breast implants… will our surgeons be able to stop them in their tracks? Marilyn from New Jersey also shows us the shocking results of eyelid surgery gone wrong.

From a botched rhinoplasty to a missing nipple, our top surgeons take on a variety of cases inEpisode 3. Jacob has lost 17 stone – but can our surgeons help him lose his apron of excess skin? And after Nikki’s nostril nightmare, will she finally get a normal nose?

Episode 4 features Adeleh, whose filler experience left her with a golf ball-shaped bubble in her forehead, and Graham, whose hair plug adventures left him with a shockingly scarred scalp. Will our surgeons be able to head off disaster?

Series 5

Format: 4 x 60 minutes

Channel: Channel 5

First Transmission: 10pm, Tuesday 28 July 2015

It's been a busy few months for our top team of surgeons. We watch them as they correct more botched cosmetic procedures - and give patients the boobs, bums, teeth and tums they'd always wanted.